茨城県 筑波山で登山・ハイキング/コース&観光ガイド


By Car車でのアクセス

By Car


Warning to visitors coming by car

■During the Golden Week holiday period in early May, and on weekends and holidays in November, the roads around Mt. Tsukuba, including Prefectural Road No. 42, become extremely crowded. Visitors heading for Tsutsujigaoka are asked to take Prefectural Road No. 236, also known as the Purple Line. Please note that motorcycles cannot use this road.
■You can check how crowded the conditions on Prefectural Road No. 42 are in real time via the Tsukubasan Live Camera located near Mt. Tsukuba Municipal Parking Lot No.1.

Mount Tsukuba Area筑波山周辺

Mount Tsukuba Area